Major Screens can supply and install Sliding Wardrobe Doors.

When it comes to installing new robes or revamping your old ones, look no further than Major Screens.

With many options available from Mirror, Vinyl, Polytec and Plaster that you can paint in any colour, talk to us about your specific needs.

Sliding Doors

Not just for the bedroom, they look great in your laundry, kitchen and storage cupboards, as well as saving on space.

Smooth and sophisticated, our Sliding Wardrobes are not only effortless to use, they are defined by gentle curves that will compliment any room in your home. The soft, rounded frame is available in a small range of colours to suit your decor requirements. Plasterboard is always an option for you to be able to paint in any colour you desire.

Choose from the option of safety mirrors ( in compliance with AS1288-2006) or from a wide range of Vinyl or solid infill panels. The choice is yours allowing you the flexibility to give your room the makeover you deserve.

Polytec Inserts

We offer a large range of Polytech Melamine Doors and Panels all finished with an Aluminium frame. Available in 21 colour choices.

Vinyl Inserts

The Vinyl board panel range are a stunning option, with aluminium framed doors which are perfect for your everyday robe door needs. Available in 4 different colours.

Plaster Inserts

The Plaster board panel gives you the flexibility of painting or covering in your desired finish to suit your decor.

Mirror Inserts

Mirrored inserts are a great option to make a small room look bigger. With the choice of having 1 or multiple mirrored doors.

Aluminium Frame

Aluminium framed sliding doors are offered in both wide and slim contemporary profiles. With 7 colour choices, the frames are precision made to your exact sizes, and supplied with quality fittings.